Maintaining a marketing budget signifies an investment in your business now and in the future. Even the best plan will never be executed properly if there isn’t a sufficient budget to do the job. Eskimo Advertising will concept about the marketing message, research markets to determine a plan to target proper demographic, negotiate the best rates, placement and any added value as well as execute campaign elements.

Television is a successful means for reaching customers and branding your business by providing exposure and visibility. While broadcast advertises to the mass market, cable is a reasonably priced alternative that allows targeting of specific zones in a community. Networks chosen are based on comprehensive research according to customer’s demographics.

Radio is sold locally, regionally or nationally, depending on the audience the customer wants to reach. Rates vary by station and time, but the most important aspect of radio is frequency. We’ll place your advertising in time periods where you can get a lot of frequency at a lower cost and reach a large audience.

Print advertising includes magazines, newspapers, newsletters and other publications. We help you choose the right publication, negotiate competitive rates and positioning to effectively target the right audience. We work with artists who design innovative solutions that create a lasting impression.

Outdoor allows you to target large mass audiences. Billboards, bus shelters and bench advertising allow for high exposure along busy routes throughout the market to reach potential mobile customers with impact and visibility.

Direct mail allows you to target specific audiences and measure the results. It is a way to generate new business and referrals as well as keeping in touch with current and past customers.

ONLINE: This global medium provides visibility on the internet to obtain website traffic to sell products and services by delivering marketing messages that reach the right customers. This marketing strategy includes targeted keywords, email marketing, search engine optimization, and display ads.

Once ads are placed, Eskimo Advertising will ensure all advertising ran as contracted, fix any errors and schedule any make goods. Additionally, we handle all incoming advertising sales calls, meet account reps, review information and only present worthwhile advertising opportunities.


Press releases and press kits are a vital part of building the credibility and identity of your company.  Both can help to get a free press in a publication, appearance on TV or radio or your information may be held for a later date as a reference in a story.

Our goal is to create free publicity for our clients. We achieve this by identifying appropriate media outlets to have your message resonate with your target market by pitching events and story ideas to reporters and editors. By cultivating and maintaining targeted lists to the proper media, wire services & blogs, we can generate buzz about your company. Additionally, we follow up, stay in touch and serve as your liaison to existing local, regional and National media relationships.

Once appearances are secured, we coordinate all aspects and make sure our clients are prepared to speak with journalists. Being prepared when getting in front of the media is key in raising your company’s profile.


Knowing who to pitch your products and services to is a key part of public relations. If you do not have the budget for a publicist and want to reach out to the journalists on your own, we can compile a media list that will target the appropriate audience in your market, regionally, nationwide or internationally.


We will leverage your company among the fastest growing platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. We’ll set up your accounts and help grow your network quickly. Once established, we can help you to define fans and show you how/when to engage them as well as offer value and drive immediate consumer action with specific weekly offers. Eskimo Advertising will track and monitor the conversations and provide sounding board for customers by asking opinions, listening & offering solutions.


Consistent branding of a business is key to maintaining a cohesive look. We can help you create or redesign a logo that will define the personality of your brand. From flyers and posters to and advertisements, our designers will creatively communicate your message. 


Eskimo Advertising works with innovative web designers to create the hub of your business. We write copy, lay out content and work with designers to expand websites with more searchable content including blogs, press clippings, profiles, social networking links, email sign up buttons, events, specials and more. We perform search engine optimization with keywords monthly, write articles on partner sites and post events on free entertainment websites. All of these assist in ranking your business website higher in the search engines.


Through our secondary business, Drifter Merch, we offer custom screen printing and embroidery on apparel, hats, flags and other promotional items for businesses, fundraisers, and events. 


Hosting monthly or quarterly events allow added exposure for your business and keep you visible to not only the customer, but also media, bloggers, concierges and event planners. We offer event promotion and coordination services making sure key influencers are present.


We will assist with the development of promotions, partnerships and cross promotions to receive maximum exposure for minimal purchase as well as utilize our contacts and lists to cross promote with our PR & marketing partners, social, business, networking, alumni and fundraising groups. We can get your promotional items in gift bags for various events and ensure promotional materials are on display throughout your target market. Additionally, we will make clients aware of other promotional opportunities including radio station giveaways, silent auctions and best of contests.


For no additional charge, Eskimo Advertising negotiates extras into your advertising package for added promotional value.

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